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Aidan's Fund

In her honour the family has established the Aidan Oloman Fund with Vancouver Foundation. Contributions may be made by mail to:

About Aidan's Fund

Soon after Aidan's death on January 14th we realized that there was considerable interest in setting up a fund in her memory …friends and family thought she would like us to support and promote the work that she so much enjoyed …empowering women to gain physical and personal strength through outdoor pursuits. Her recent focus has been on designing climbing courses especially for women. Sean Easton, Aidan’s partner, gave the fund a working title the Aidan Oloman Fund to empower woman through outdoor pursuits.

Since then, we found Assignments which Aidan did for an Anthropology Course on Death and Dying when she was completing Bachelor’s degree in New Zealand in 2004. These assignments were her obituary and eulogy which were read at her Celebration of Life on February 19th. In her obituary she speaks proudly of having created the One World Foundation through which she developed "a system of workshops and programs for high school students that introduced them to wilderness activities and environmental responsibility…giving thousands of kids the chance to grow physically and mentally through their interaction with the natural environment".

So Aidan has set the task for us to some degree. Her vision for her foundation was not as gender specific as that of her family and friends but it is along the same lines. Both visions will be taken into account as the guidelines for the fund are developed.

Aidan's colleagues have already provided the family with ideas for some very interesting activities that could be undertaken through the fund. Details about these proposed activities and the scope and parameters of the fund will be posted to the website once they are confirmed.